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Isla Grant in Concert - Tuesday June 23rd

The Eastlink Events Centre and Unicorn Promotions are delighted to welcome back “Isla Grant” to the Theatre on Tuesday June 23rd at 8pm. Tickets are $45 and include HST and surcharge. Tickets are on sale now at the Eastlink Events Centre Box Office (noon to 5pm, Monday to Friday), or charge by phone at 709-466-4105 ext 222, or online at



Isla Grant is a survivor.

In a business where the failures far outnumber the successes, and artists' rise and fall are equally dependent upon trends and the whim of the public, this Scottish born entertainer struggled long and hard to achieve her star.

Like others whose music has found a welcomed niche in easy listening, gentle country surroundings, Isla found success outside of her native homeland, across the water in the Emerald Isle. She discovered that the Irish were eager to listen to her lyrics and, following in the footsteps of Charlie Landsborough and Garth Brooks, she went on to become a household name.

Today she's a major star in Ireland, winning the audience's hearts with the purity and warmth of her music, collecting Platinum and Double Platinum Discs for her record sales and scheduling five or six week tours that would be the envy of many pop or rock performer.

She made her first nationwide U.K. tour in the company of Foster & Allen in 2000 and, later the same year, the ever-popular chart duo introduced her to Australian audiences. Now, with considerable success to her credit, Isla Grant can tour in her own right, with her own band, and have the public eagerly waiting at box offices on both sides of the world.


She hales from Scotland, but is a house hold name in Ireland and in the last year she has developed a large following here in Australia. She started out as a folk singer, but these days she's known as a singer/song writer who's music style crosses from country/folk to easy listing…The Allanton, Berwickshire based Isla Grant never had any doubts about career ambitions, having grown up around music, her father was a piper, her mother was a singer and her grandfather a fiddler. From the age of 14, Isla was performing in the folk clubs of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

"The big acts working the folk clubs, at the time, were Eddie & Finbar Furey, The Dubliners & Billy Connolly, who was a member of the group named The Humbleums" she recalls. A few years later Isla took her music South of the Border, to the clubs of Northeast England, a tough learning ground for any newcomer in the business, where audiences clearly let it be known if they didn't like a performance. Isla passed her apprenticeship with flying colours. The club scene also brought her in contact with Al, who was heading up his own band. They married in 1992, after having worked as Isla Grant & Al Young. Tragically, within a few months of marriage, she became a victim of a near fatal car accident (a head-on accident with another car; the driver of the other car was attempting suicide). Although the hospital stopover was relatively short, the accident had far greater long-term repercussions.

Finally, through music Isla started to win back her confidence. " Although I had great support from my family, and much encouragement from the many well-wishes who sent me thousands of cards & letters, I knew that the only person who was going to get me out of this situation was myself. I had plenty of time to write and so many songs came to me because of the accident." She explains.

Isla has released five albums, the first three, "Only Yesterday", "Mother" (which reached #9 on the Irish charts) and " A Dream Come True" all achieved Double Platinum sales, while her latest two albums "Childhood Memories" & " The Beauty of my Home" have achieved Platinum status.